Female, Frum Not Much of a Struggle.

Various thoughts on life, my so-called struggles of being frum and female - positive or negative, and whatever sparks my interest in that particular moment be it controversial or not, mix in some psychology... all artistically expressed... all very ME. Yeah. Sure.

Monday, March 06, 2006


I love my mother in law, she is such a true dear
She’s such a wonderful woman, about me she always seems to care
Let anything ever bad happen to me, never would she dare
If I had a flat tire on the highway, she’d always bring me a spare

When I got engaged, I didn’t think we’d get along
But now I realize that our relationship is so strong
I thought she was cheap but now I see that I was wrong
She even bought me popcorn when we went to see King Kong

Oh my dear mother in law, how I truly love her so
I would gladly run her errands for her, even in the snow
Her son doesn’t see her genius, oh if he would only know
She’s certainly the best mom in the world, she’s the best in show

On my wedding day, like a goddess did she appear
As she led me to my bedekin, to sit in that great white chair
We smiled for the camera, she even shed a tear
Her love for me is like no other, that certainly is clear

She took me once for lunch, I can even remember that day clearly
I think we bought -- yes it was! -- she took me out for sushi
How we laughed, cried, and shared our dreams so dearly
She even told me about that time she bumped into Jim Belushi

Each day that passes without seeing her, my heart truly aches
As she has given me so many wonderful recipes, for so many yummy cakes
And while others have names for their mother-in-laws, like dogs, or bears, or snakes
Only I know that all her hugs, kisses, and smiles, are nothing but fakes.

And so as I end this poem, I leave not a dry eye
As I prepare to say once more to her, good bye
But fear not, oh don’t you even ask why
For if you believed this little poem, out of my butt monkeys will fly